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“Transformative Classroom Management is a cutting-edge book. Without a doubt, this text will be the next quotable resource in the field of education.”
—Kimberly Persiani-Becker, Ed.D, author, The Creative Teacher

“I have read many other management books by Jones and Wong, but Transformative Classroom Management has been the best so far at demystifying the invisible forces in the classroom.”
—Will McElroy, 4th grade teacher, Los Angeles United School District

“Shindler’s Transformative Classroom Management is filled with practical strategies for creating a ‘psychology of success’ in the classroom.  Moreover, the book provides a cogent, clear explanation of how teachers can adopt a ‘transformational mindset’ to implement those strategies.”
—Forrest W. Parkay, Washington State University; author, Becoming a Teacher

Transformative Classroom Management was shown to promote student achievement. When different kinds of classroom management practices were compared to the level of student achievement they produced, a clear trend was found. TCM practices showed the highest level of success followed by assertive discipline and last were traditional methods... Read the full study.

Why Transformative Classroom?

  • Goes beyond management to describing how to create maximum classroom function
  • Create a Student-Centered Class that runs itself and promotes student responsibility.
  •  Promotes a Success Psychology in students